Once Investigating Drilling Technology Fluids Companies, the three names that really stand out are Mi-Swaco, Baroid, and Baker-Hughes. Mi-Swaco is at the forefront of the field and is owned by the industrial giant Schlesinger. Right behind Me is Baroid, which is owned and operated by Halliburton. Then the minimum of the three is fabled service provider Baker-Hughes. These “big 3” supply drilling technology fluids companies  rigs with the “mud” they need to allow rigs to drill for oil and natural gas. To learn more about each of these companies in more detail, continue on the next page.My-Swaco is a division of Schlesinger that employs 113,000 people in more than 85 different drilling technology fluids companies countries.

Different drilling technology Fluids Companies

It remained shaped by Conrad and Marcel Schlesinger in 1926 as the Society de Prospect ion Electric, which is French for Electric Prospecting Company. They began simply by conducting geophysical surveys in drilling technology fluids companies areas of Romania, Canada, and even the United States. Although Schlesinger started out as a mapping company, it now has one of the largest oilfield services operations and reports a 2011 net income of more than $ 5 billion drilling technology fluids companies. Schlesinger currently has offices in Houston, Paris and The Hague to help facilitate its operations around the world.

Following the company’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange, many of its top executives relocated to New York. In 2005, Schlesinger corporate offices moved to Texas to be closer to other oil and gas companies. Mi-Waco became part of Schlesinger through its 2010 merger with Smith International, another major drilling technology fluids companies.

Continuous improvement of its drilling technology Fluids Companies

According to Schlesinger, the main reason for this merger was the continuous improvement of its drilling technology Fluids Companies. Schlesinger’s Mi-Waco part now operates in more than 75 countries and employs more than 13,000 pro. Baroda is a series of products and services from Halliburton Company. They specialize in supplying products that are used in all stages of the drilling technology fluids companies process. They also specifically provide the best performance for many different markets, including; water well drilling, horizontal directional drilling and geothermal heat applications. Halliburton Company operates in more than 70 different countries and employs more than 50,000 people. Report of a net profit of 3 billion.

Bucks in 2011 Halliburton is definitely expanding its services. Erie Halliburton founded the company in 1919 introducing the revolutionary idea of ​​controlling wells with cement. Eventually, Halliburton Company expanded around the world and continued to develop new drilling technology fluids companies. This helped them hold a large share of the drilling market for much of the 20th century.

Clean Gulf Associates to contain oil spills

They even help maintain a clean and healthy planet by partnering with Clean Gulf Associates to contain oil spills. Halliburton Company has many departments in addition to Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, which specialize in several different aspects of oil and gas drilling technology fluids companies. The most important parts of the company focus on formation evaluation, production optimization and drilling Fluids Companies systems. Baker-Hughes began as a tool company owned by drilling technology fluids companies; Walter Sharp and Howard Hughes, who invented the two-cone bit. After Walter Sharp’s death, Howard Hughes bought his half of the company and ;renamed it the Hughes Tool drilling technology fluids companies. Meanwhile, Reuben Baker was in the process of developing clothing footwear, which would revolutionize the ability to run clothing in oil and gas wells.

Clients to develop new technologies

Later, the two would eventually merge to form Baker-Hughes, and today the company ;employs more than 57,000 people in 80 different countries. Baker-Hughes reported a net income drilling technology; fluids companies of $ 812 million in 2010, and they are significantly less than Halliburton or Schlesinger. Baker-Hughes now focuses on innovative problem solving while working with its clients to develop new technologies.



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