The Drilling Technology and Important Facts of Oil  oil extraction industry is consider one of the most sensitive industries in the world. With the growing demand for natural gas and oil, But also more companies are constantly hoping to improve production from existing wells. China is the chief republic to drill oil wells with a depth of approx. 800 feet. Since its inception, the demand for oil drilling technology important facts and natural gas start very quickly, and in return, the oil industry has benefit greatly over the years. However, the first method of oil extraction was develop in 1859 by Edwin L. Drake. This modern method is still use and is the most effective means of oil production. Since 1859, the world has use about 800 billion barrels of oil drilling technology important facts, making it one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Important Facts

Important Facts

Important role in the oil drilling technology

Today, with advances in technology important facts and new techniques, drillers can even reach reservoirs that were consider inaccessible. Geologists play an important role in the oil drilling technology important facts process. As they are the ones who find the best place to drilling technology base on their experience and knowledge. They container effort under bond or independently with a specific company. They are train professionals who study the rock and soil to choose the best location or oil beds for the drilling technology important facts process. The main function of oil extraction is to pump oil and crude oil gases from the earth’s crust. Crude oil is in a liquid or semi-solid state (in the form of tar). Reservoirs where there is crude oil can be thousands of meters underground and therefore it can only be reach below the surface through the drilling technology important facts process.

Offshore drilling technology important facts

In this process, special oil drilling technology, known as lifting platforms. Are use at a depth of 200 feet. And when the depth reaches 2000 feet below, the platforms are attach to the sea with bags fill with air. In addition, there are some drilling technology important facts rigs that use sophisticate navigation equipment to dig down to a depth of 8,000 feet. However, there are many companies that are accuse of violating the law on clean water as they constantly disperse toxic chemicals and harmful gases into the water that harm marine life and other endanger animals near these places. This technique is very similar to there are also other methods use on land.

Rotary Drilling technology important facts

This is the most common oil drilling technology important facts technique use today. It can be recognize by a turntable at the base and a high oil tower. The rotary drilling process also requires ;special mud that helps remove the rock cut and lubricate the bit. Mud container be a mix of water, clay and some chemicals. Other processes for oil extraction are percussion drilling and horizontal drilling technology important facts. The procedure is too long as it sometimes takes years to drilling technology the oil wells and the whole process is very tedious ;and because complicate serving energy all over the world.

Technology Similarities.Fertilizer Technology

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