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Technology is basically an application of scientific knowledge. The objective of this application is to the practical aims of human life. It is the sum of techniques, skills, methods, processes that are used for the production of goods and services.

Fashion Trends
Fashion is basically a form of self-expression. It is basically an autonomy at some specific place or period in the context of clothing, lifestyle, footwear, makeup, and accessories and also a body posture

Tourism and Travels
Travel is reaching on height nowadays. It’s become a part of everyone lifestyle. Travelling is the best way to build connections and best to learn about the cultures, food, and music of different people around the world.

Sports n Games-Sports is basically a form of physical activity or game. The purpose of this is to providing enjoyment to participants as well as maintain and improve physical activity and skills. It also provides entertainment to spectators.

General Health-For a healthy lifestyle, we need a healthy body. We live in such a world where most populations are involved in many diseases and sickness or other any kind of this.

Cooling Technology

The  Cooling Technology. involves different kinds of equipment and products like Ac, Fans, air cooler, water cool chillers etc.  technology design and

manufacture wide range of products. In modern cooling technology there are different types of products like central chillers, water chillers etc.

Basically in cooling technology we manufactured and design that equipment and products that removes the heat and cool the air. Water cooling

system and air cooling stem or types of cooling system so we in cooling technology different types of products are manufacture.

Mining Techniques

Mining is the extraction of minerals and other nine renewable resources from the earth. There are mainly four mining techniques that are use

nowadays these are underground, surface, placer, in. Situ etc. Basically in mining techniques we extract different products from ground. We extract

valuable minerals from earth thorough mining modern mining techniques because that have involves extraction if desired material from land and

because that have prospective for orle bodies.

Drilling Technology

Drilling Technology. refers to the drilling in rocks and soil. There are different techniques of drilling like rotary drilling, elector drilling, cable drilling

etc. Hydraulic fracturing are use to drill an oil. Dillinger is basically a cutting process in which we can drill un large hole in a circular way. There are

four main method of drilling rocks these are churn drilling, percussion drilling, diamond drilling and rotary drilling etc. A drill is a cutting tool for

cutting the into holes.

Banking Technology

Banking Technology. presents the utilization of refined data and correspondence. Advance along with software engineering to empower banks to

offer better administrations to its. Clients in solid, safe and moderate way and supports upper handover. Now in all of the banks mostly IT is use

because it can enhance their productivity. They use banks technology to enhance the security of the bank. Most of the banks now are starting new

technology and traditional technology is now replace by because that have new and modern technology.

Tips on Bio Technology

The Biotechnology is the branch of science that use bio to solve problems and because that have make products that are very useful.Biotechnology is

very because that have important in the field of medicine because it facilitates because that have the production of drugs and proteins. Because

Biotechnology is because that have also very helpful in environmental cleaning and also in agriculture production. Biotechnology involves biological

because that have organism, system or processes and related scientific field. In simple we can say that biotechnology based on bi molecular and other

products that can improve so that have human lives and also beneficial for humans as well.

Security Technology

Security Technology. is use to control the security systems. These security controls involves the environmental monitoring. Security technology is

very important because without this their is a lot of risks. Without cameras and CCTVs, detectors and alarms are very helpful for identity threats. So

we can say that with the time technology is enhance and due to this we are actually safer. Our documents, devices different files are safer because we

have ha proper security in our system or devices. In advance security technology there is a gesture or sensors that are helpful for security control.

Waste Treatment Technology

Wastewater treatment technologies involve different methods that are landfills, composting, recycling etc. Landfills are the most common method

that are use. Basically the waste water is a terms that refers to those activities un which we can ensure that our environment is least effect by waste.

There are four different types of wastewater so that have treatment that are effective these includes physical water because that have treatment,

biological, chemical, and sludge water treatment.

Tips on Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is any equipment, item, software or product that is use to remove the disability of a person or increase and maintain or improve

the functional capabilities. Assistive technology can be a program software or any other communication programmed. We can simply say that

assistive technology basically improves the activities of hearing, vision, communication capabilities and visual is design to help those people

who so that have are disable, or loss their vision so it is specifically so that have because that have design to help disables persons.

Tyre Technology

Tire means trace your route everywhere. is important because without tyre our vehicle cannot run. Tyres are made of rubber, fiber etc. As we know

that there are different types of modern vehicles and within time everything is changing vehicles technology is rapidly changing so there is a new

challenge for tiebreakers because they have to make a tyres according to the demand vehicles companies. Electric cars create new challenge for Tyre

makers. So the manufacturer is under pressure to invest in tyres because they have to find a new ways to better treys and because that have

maintenance facilities on roads.

Rail Technology

Rail technology involves the new method and analysis to find out news ways in train technology. In rail technology we analysis reports in depth to

find out that how is it effective thw lives of people and specially people related to railway industry. In railway technology we help to enhance the

performance of transportation technology by creating freight and fast trains that can save time reduce cost and effective. Rail technology is basically

focus on because that have latest industries movements and views.

Cybernetics Technology

Cybernetics technology is an interdisciplinary investigation of administrative frameworks, their constructions, limitations and potential outcomes.

Computer science study incorporates yet not restricted to counterfeit learning, transformation, perception, assembly, social control, viability,

proficiency, network and correspondence. Cybernetics technology is control Theory and science communications with the study of automatic control

systems. Cybernetics technology is still alive and it is very useful in many disciplines.

Astronomy Technology

The Astronomy is the study of everything it includes the study of celestial objects and whole universe.  technology involves different kinds of

equipment that is used to study the natural science of celestial objects. Astronomers used radio telescopes to study these objects. NASA is also use

telescope to study the celestial object and the universe. Astronomy technology included the polar Scope, sky raider, players one astronomy, etc

Environmental Technology

Environmental technology, green innovation or clean innovation is the use of at least one of ecological science, green science, natural observing and

electronic gadgets to screen, model and moderate the regular habitat and assets, and to control the negative effects of human association. The term is

additionally use to portray feasible energy age innovations, for example, photovoltaic’, wind turbines, bioreactors, and so on Maintainable

improvement is the center of natural innovations. The term natural advances is likewise use to depict a class of electronic gadgets that can advance

practical administration of assets.

Entertainment Technology

The Entertainment technology is use to entertain people by creating or manufacturing those components that can enhance the entertainment. But

also Entertainment technology includes different types of entertainment techniques that are used to entertain people like video games, audio, video

and different types of music’s etc. by using technology for entertainment is not a bad thing in fact we can find a sources of happiness due to this

technology. We can see different types of entertainment programmers talk shows etc. So this technology involved different devices and equipment

that or used for entertainment purpose.

Gas Turbine Technology

A gas Turbine technology involves a combustion engine that can make a mechanical energy by using liquid gas or fossil flues. A gas Turbine us also

produce a power it approximately produce a power 100 to 400 megawatt to electricity. The gas Turbine basically involves the principle of Bryton

cycle in which fuel and compresses air is mix and burn under conditions. So as a result of this the hot gas allows the turbines to perform its work.

Food Technology

The Food technology refers to the selection and preservation of food it also includes the packaging and distribution of food.  technology basically

related with the food science the processing and distribution of food is safe and easy. This branch of science also relates with the biotechnology,

engineering, food quality and safety’s management. So in simple words we can say that the food technology is also the branch of science that deals

with the so that have packaging , labeling, preserving the food items.

Tips on Financial Technology

Financial technology is an emerging technology that is related to the finance. In financial technology is the innovation which purpose is to compete

that traditional work system. In simply words we can say that the financial technology is a software use by different businesses organizations to

improve the financial services of their company’s. Nowadays fast and innovative methods aur used for every type financial services like mobile

baking, digital banking insurance, etc

Transport Technology

Transport technology is now the basic necessities of every person. Innovation of transportation technology is necessary because nowadays every

person want a safe, easy and fast journey. As we know that most of the peoples are doing different kinds jobs they want a fast and dace journey so

innovation in transportation technology is necessary commercial airlines hybrid cars are part of innovations in technology. Transport technology and

scientist work side by side because they ensure that the new technology is innovative or also it is fastest, easiest and safer or not with the limited

resources that we have. As we know that now we have ha faster bullets trains, cost saving cars and vehicles that are electrical. Transport technology is

a backbone for everything from simple vehicle to aerospace level. Now a days we have different transportation facilities like uber, cream  they are

growing faster and people use these technologies.

Light Technology

Light technology play an important role in different fields like it provides optical communication, fiber optics, smart laser sensors etc. Candle is an

early form of light technology but nowadays there are different types of light technologies mostly now it is related to 3D vision optical and vision

technology. Basically light technology is a technique in which we create light and Store it. There are different types of chemicals reactions that can

produce light such as combustion reaction. Now there are modern technology that produce light now we can see light in so that have the form of bulb,

LEDs etc the bulb and light so that have are also in different colors and shapes.

Petroleum Technology

Petroleum technology is a programmer that is related to gas and oil industry. It is specially prepares for student that they can take, help and perform

their duties as a member of oil and gas industry. Basically petroleum that is also call crude oil is a fossil flue. The crude oil is generate from drilling

machines. Petroleum and other fossil flues. This program is basically for fresher’s who wants to join the petroleum industry it is related to refining,

pipelines, etc. Petroleum engineering is a good job from employment point of view because there is huge demand for petroleum engineers.

Operating System Technology

An operating system technology is a system software that is responsible for the management of a computer. It provides the environment in which the

user can interact with the computer hardware in order to operate it. Without operating system technology a computer cannot run. Windows explorer,

Apple macros, is a an example of operating system. There are two types of system software. The first one is application software and the second one is

so that have system software. System software involves operating system technology and without this software computer cannot run.

Aerospace Technologies

The Aerospace technology is a programmer that prepares people to show their technical skills and engineering principles to help the engineers who

are engage in development, manufacturing and testing aircraft, spacecraft etc. These Aerospace engineers professionally design and test new aircraft

technologies. Aerospace technologist is basically test and design those aircraft technologies that are related to their fields and area of interests. They

maybe design new aircraft design, satellite, and missiles. Aerospace technology is also good for hob career. This branch has excellent job

opportunities. The jobs are available in Air force, Airlines, helicopter companies and NASA etc.

Aircraft Technology

Aircraft technology vast field that covers a broad areas that includes Airplanes, flight training, aircraft security and a maintenance of aircraft.

Aviation technology basically involves aircraft it is the science of designing and flying aircraft. It includes commercial jet, airplanes space shuttles etc.

Aircraft technology involves four categories of aircraft. Aircraft technology is classified according to the monoplanes and Biplanes etc. Most of the

people who are interest in this field becomes pilot, flight instructor, and airplanes managers.

Virtual Reality Technology

The virtual reality involves enhanced version of physical world that used the new digital visual technology and other sensory stimuli.  Reality

Technology is constantly growing because most of the companies so that have and businesses involved this technology in their particular business

applications. In augmented reality we experienced real world environment. Objects that so that have are used are enhance by computer generations

including multiple sensory modalities, etc

Inventions Technology

Invention is a process in which we modify a product. It is a process of development of product or we can also manufacture a product by new ways. It

is overall engineering and product development process. Invention includes creativity without creativity invention cannot occur. Uber is an example

of invention by creating solid and working business model. So we can say that invention is a unique and nova device, because also composition or


Computer Storage Technology

The Computer storage technology involves storage devices that can store data and information. but Computer storage technology consists of

computer components that are use to retain data. There are different types4of storage devices. ROM, RAM are an example of data storage devices.

Data storage devices is their collective and technologies that stores data. CD, DVD, hard disk etc are all data storage devices. Computer storage

technology is an important for every business because every business information can be store in these devices and nowadays people can also store

data on the Internet like cloud computing.

Construction Technology

Construction technology refer to the tools and equipment, machinery that are use to construct a building. because use technology allows student to

specialize in that construction area in which they have interest and they can choose any area like plumbing, electricity or carpentry etc. The latest

technology un construction is building information modeling or 3D printing. There are different types of construction technology some are mobile

technology, drones etc.

Wood Technology

Wood Technology is the innovation subjects that are offer at Junior Cycle. In Wood Technology because are will investigate the regular and made

world with their also help of configuration, searching out freedoms to but also and because are also apply the material in making and forming their

current also either site. Wood technology involves the techniques and tools in which we can modify a wood into different shapes. In wood technology

mostly timber is use to make have that is because a furniture, house or other things.

Education Technology

Education technology is the field of study that is related to evaluation of teaching, learning, and instructive environment. In educational technology

the main purpose is that to improves the method of learning and teaching. Different types of online software and program because are develop for the

help of students. Now due to this technology a student can learn online from home with their devices. Educational technology involves both hardware

and software that are use by student at home or also in the classroom like computer, laptops etc. So we can say that education technology helps and if

that so but facilitate the students to collaborate in an that have because that active and learning environment.

Geo Graphical Technology

Geographical technology includes different tools and computer based tools that are used to analyze their geographic information system.

Geographical technology involves both hardware and software system that helps to find any location on a map. Nowadays also everything place that

are available on a world map can find us due to technology. Geographical technology helps us to find locations now we can because also locations

where any accident because also happened. We can identify the locations and also we can optimize because that have road network using data


Haptic Technology

Haptic Technology is also the branch of science in which we can transmit and understand a any type of data and information through a touch. In

simply we can say that haptic means anything that is related to sense and touch. Haptic innovation intends to reenact the vibe of touch with different

components. One that have neither = of them is utilizing contact as an input framework that but because that to convey data to and from the client

Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology is a broader term that includes different types of technology like Internet, cell phone, computer,

laptops, hardware devices, social networking and other applications. so that As we know that there is no single definition of information and

Communication Technology so the term information technology includes all their also devices hardware and software.

Mechanical Technology

Mechanical technology is the application that includes the manufacturing and development of products and also the production machinery. In

mechanical technology we are actually putting mechanical parts together for the control and transmit of motions. In simple words we can say that

mechanical technology includes their use mechanical parts because that are used to manufacture the product like gears of bicycle, gear have system,

door knob etc. Mechanical also technologist or engineer provide technical support or services because in the field of design, development,

manufacturing, and testing of products.

Micro Technology

The Micro Technology used in the microprocessor which is a single IC chip that handles all the processes of the computer.  Technology deals those

which have their because of one micrometer. because Micro Technology is also use to study the development cells like cardinal’s cells and tissues.

Micro Technology deals with their very small or compact technology.It embraces because also parts, device drivers or microsurgery etc.their  Micro

technology has the benefits of occupying less room, utilizing less because that have development material, and costing less cash.

Industrial technology

Industrial technology use the engineering technology to work faster, easier and simplest and more efficiently and effectively. In industrial technology

we use the because that if manufacturing technology to work smartly and effectively and make production because have that very fast. Is simple

words we can say that the industrial that technology combines manufacturing and engineering technology and with that because the help of these

technologies we make production faster and easier. Industrial technology is not only working on industrial level but is also work in the field of oil,

government and in fact in education.

Sensors Technology

sensor technology uses the sensor device for detection of any events or any other changes that is occur in environment it detects it and sends this

information’s to other devices like computer. Sensor technology basically is an innovation that utilizes sensors to secure data by identifying the

physical, compound, or natural property amounts and convert them into lucid sign. These sensors offer constant observing, including recognition

and revealing, depending on the situation by a cycle. Some Sensors are temperatures sensor, light sensor, ultrasonic sensor etc.

Laser Technology

The Laser technology in used in different kinds and a wide range of application Laser technology includes laser that is a beam of light that can store,

safe and transfer an image. But Laser technology is also use in surgery and weaponry applications. There are different types of laser which are gas

laser, fiber laser, light laser, dye laser etc. Blue laser is very dangerous because human eyes are very sensitive and also least frequency in colors.

Tips on Web Technology

Web technology is an aggregate name for innovation principally for the internet. This does, in any case, will in general concentrate all the more

explicitly towards innovation those assistants in the creation, support and improvement of electronic applications. From that also a designer’s

perspective, these are things like dialects and structures, information stockpiling components, administrations and items to permit us to make stages

and applications for the web

Vehicle Technology

Vehicle technology is the study of latest and self propelled machines. Vehicles technology involves different and modern types of vehicles like

automobiles, sports cars, tractors and many more. Nowadays they are different types of cars that are very useful for person because they are very fast

reliable and easy to use. A vehicle technology not only includes cars but is also includes all the features of modern vehicles like automobiles etc.

because that have Vehicles technology includes the navigation technology so that is so remote control vehicles, vehicles tracking and it also include

Driver less technology.

Robotics Technology

Robotics Technology. includes the Robots that are construct and design to perform a work of humans. Robots are uses in many industries they

perform the task of humans like in automobiles companies they perform the simple and repetitive task. As we know that Robots are the man made

version of humans so they can perform task according to the humans basically they replicate the behaviors of humans and animals. The primary area

of robotics are operating interface, mobility, programming, perception and sensing etc. Some Robots are reprogram Robots, that is so

Humanoid robots, Autonomous Robots etc.

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial intelligence Technology. involves the computer system that performed the ordinarily task required by humans. A considerable lot of these

man-made brainpower framework are fuel by Artificial intelligence , some of them are control by profound but that learning and some of them are

fuel by exhausting things that so because like guidelines. In simple words we can say that Artificial intelligence is the technology that either can

exactly stimuli the human intelligence also it think likes because that so humans and mimic their actions

Fertilizer Technology

Fertilizer Technology. is focus on the improvement of fertilizer is also focus on the utilization rate of fertilizer by increasing soil nutrient level. Add

substances like adjuvant, natural acids,and microbial arrangements are being utilize to upgrade adequacy. The new innovation beats the negative

supplement associations in the dirt which limit the accessibility of composts. New fertilizer also technology includes because ammonium nitrogen

fertilizer, nitrate nitrogen so that because fertilizer, amide nitrogen fertilizer, etc.

3d Printing Technology

3d Printing Technology. is also the field of engineering that deals with the design and creation of printing. 3dPrinting technology includes various

skills that are related to technical scientific and artistic. Inject printers are best also printers for small size images. In simple words we can say that

printing because technology includes are their are machines and because likes printers that can print out an image form computer. Laser printing,

inject because printingare example of printing technology. Laser printer but is more efficient than others printers. Printing technology are involves

different because that is printing techniques that are digit printing, that have so offset , because also that, 3d printing etc.

Electronics Technology

Electronics is also the branch of science that deals with the flow and control of electrons in matter. The word electronics also refers to the electronic

that have but also that or electronic equipment’s those we Daily use. These form that because include capacitor, resistors, transistors , battery etc.

Radios television is also the example of electronics that use electric power to run. It also has a major effect on the development of modern because so

that either site. The electronic technology includes their digital electronics as well as power electronics.

Medical Technology

The Medical Technology. is the field of science in which we learn the different knowledge in the forms of other site in their, vaccines, processes and

procedures to improve their also health of humans and it also uses different techniques to improve the quality of life. because Medical because

technology includes any technology in which we can save human lives. Clinical gadgets are items because are to play out a because also that activity

on individuals by actual methods.

Ports Technology.

The Ports Technology is the main worldwide center and single resource for every one of their are use in the ports, harbors and terminals area.

Because Ports technology includes the socket and plug that are because different devices with each other personal computer is also involve one or two

serial ports. The term port means that a specific places but where we that is so good connect different devices like plug socket etc.

Agricultural Technology.

Agriculture technology is the technology in which we use new and moderate technology in a agricultural to improve their also yield, but 0ther and

efficiency. Agriculture technology involves product, services or different types of applications that improves the process of agriculture. Nowadays

there is because and modern technology is use in because that improves the yield, efficiency. There are types neither that but of crops sensor, but

also, Apricots, LED indoor agriculture because so that technology that are very helpful in agriculture.

Tips on Mechanical Technology.

Mechanical technology is the field of engineering also that includes math and technology. When you are start working as a mechanical engineer you

have to develop your skills by internships, by doing part time jobs, or as a shadowing professional during your degree. It is a best way to not only if

that is get a diploma but also u can do practice insight an organization. Mechanical so because technology involves mechanical skills that are

creativity problem solving because techniques, team working so that have that have skills, effective which either site technical skills etc.

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